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If you genuinely want to do a study on prayer, read & analyse all the Psalms by David.  David was referred to as a man after Gods own heart. You shall note that in particular Psalms,


  1. David is talking, complaining to God about his problems;

  2. David is complaining about his circumstances and

  3. David is praising God.

  4. David acknowledged God


David allowed God to be GOD in his life

David trusted God to honour His word.

David released the full power & authority of God


The common theme throughout all of Davids Psalms is, David always acknowledges God by finishing with praise & Worship for God; accepting God for who He is; & His abilities to assist him or honour His promises.


√√ Allow God to be God in your life


NOT who or what we [you] think He is or should be! √√

Attributes of David

Some of the attributes of David that made him
a man after Gods owns heart.

  1. Praise

  2. Thanksgiving 

  3. Love

  4. Reverent of God

  5. Faithfulness

  6. Repentance

  7. Trusting

  8. Respectful

  9. Humbleness

  10. Obedientience

??? Did You Know ???

There are five basic types of psalms:

  •  Praise, Wisdom, Magnificent of God, Thanksgiving & Expression of grief. {Lamenting}


There are four basic kinds of prayer:

  • Admiration, Repentance, Thanksgiving, Supplication {Requests}. 

Psalms of praise focus on the nature of God, They focus on God's attributes encouraging the believer to praise Him for His goodness, righteousness and not on specific things He has done. 

  • Praise = Who God is!   

  • Worship = What He has done!

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